In Battle

All status conditions last a single turn opposed to their normal duration. Signature ability of the Herbraven line

Burn-Takes one turn of burn damage, status disappears next turn at the beginning of the turn.

Sleep-Only sleeps one turn, wakes up immediately at the beginning of the next turn. Great Rest combo.

Paralyses-Same as before, next turn the status will be removed at the beginning of the turn

Poison- Same as before.

Toxic Poison- Doesn't gain any momentum, one turn of damage and its gone.

Frozen- Will thaw out at the beginning of the next turn, rendering frozen to near pointlessness.

Confusion- This status is exempt from the ability.

If the ability is removed or replaced, all status conditions will play themselves out as normal.

Outside of Battle

Mystic has no effect outside of battle.

Flavor Text

(After a turn of being statused) Your status aliment has been cured

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